More Mixing - Good Ideas

What is the music your working on going to be used for? Will it be performed? Is it going to be played on the radio? If you have to take any thought to answer any of these questions you should spend some extra time mixing and "print" a few extra versions fo your mix. Although the "Final Mix" is your pride and glory your going to need a few others aswell. At the very least you shoud run an Accapella or Vocal only version of your mix and an instrumental version as well (No Vocals) This will cover your tail in case of any emergenct edits. remixes ect. ITs also a good idea to get inot the habit of doing a CLEAN version for your song. A msuic supervisor does not want to hear some curse words all day. They wont use it for there shows either. Most Major LAble mixing sessions leave with 1 to 2 CDs or dats full of alternate mixes. Louder Vocal, Lower Vocal, CLean Versions, Drums louder ect. These are all very common and the more your music gets used the more versions of it your going to be asked for. Jsut some stuff to think about before you close the session and back up your latest Protools project.

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