Do You Do Mastering? The Mastering Hustle Revealed

Do you do mastering? I get asked this question all the time. And first I say "No" \. Then I asked if the music that they want to get mastered has been mixed. The usual reply is yeah, Then i listen to the music and hear that is sounds like crap.

Most clients dont understand that MAstering is not going to turn Garbage into Greatness with the turning a few knobs. I suggest that every one out there working on there new independent album really invest the time and money of their project into the Mixing. Your Album should sound the way you want it to sound when the mixes are done. Mastering is their to take all the songs and put it into a final project and make everything sound consistent from song to song sonically.

Now on to the great Mastering Hustle. A Mastering engineer usually only does mastering. If a studio tells you they do mixing/ mastering ect what they are really trying to tell you is "Wed be happy to take your money"

If you are willing to spend the money to get your project mastered use a mastering engineer not some one with a basement studio. If you do decide to go with a smaller studio that does "Everything" from vocals to mastering do your self a favor and ask to hear some CDS they have "Mastered"

Don't get hustled!


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